Compotile specifications

Unique characteristics of COMPOTILE

  • Can be used inside the house, lobby, Amphitheatre, halls, hospitals, airports, pool and sauna, hotels, stores, clinics, metro and …..
  • Wide variety of designs, sizes and colors
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Can be combined with different types of decorative coatings like (stone, wood, wallpaper,..)
  • Changing your individual decoration by changing the COMPOTILE arrangement
  • Fire resistant in three grades ( fire resistant, flame retardant (V0-UL94), fire proof (BS6853) with related certification
  • Aging resistant (Long life time at least 20 year)
  • Installation and operation without destruction
  • Completely water- resistant and water –proof
  • Mildew resistant in humid environment
  • Lower price in comparison with similar international samples.