installation of ceiling panels

Installation of Ceiling Panels

Accessory Parts



1-First, set the level of the first line for the railing, and screw one HT90 to the roof at a distance of 70 cm .As it is seen in the picture, the short side of the piece is screwed to the ceiling


2-In the next step cut the U36 piece, which actually defines the height of the false ceiling (for example, 60 cm or 1 meter) to the desired size, and screw to HT90.

As seen in the image, the taller part of the HT90 is screwed to U36.

3- After ensuring the connection of the parts to the ceiling, screw the hanger into the U36, which plays the role of the  clamp to hold the rail and connect the rail to the U36 (pictured above)


4- In the next step, the rails are thrown into the hanger’s openings of each row, and finally the Implemented Infrastructure is ready for the replacing of the COMPOTILES.